How The System Works


IGLU` is the innovative module to build ventilated underfloor cavities for civil and industrial building and renovation.

The modules are fitted together allowing the rapid building of a platform suitable for pedestrian access over which the concrete is cast. By applying such procedure, a completely raised slab is created, which also enables services and cables to be easily laid.

Work Phases

Basically, to build a ventilated flooring 6 phases are needed:

  1. Preparation of the natural ground.
  2. Preparation of the lean concrete foundation, to be sized according to the loads and capacity of the ground.
  3. Positioning the L-Plast panel around the foundation beams after positioning the necessary reinforcements.
  4. Positioning the linking male/female formworks, working from the left to the right, from the top down, making sure the arrow is facing upward.
  5. Laying the welded mesh Ø 6 20x20 above the formworks.
  6. Cast of concrete to cover the IGLU` modules and to form the floor slab, the thickness of which varies according to the imposed loads.


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Laying The Modules

The IGLU` modules are positioned in the horizontal rows from left to right, with the arrow pointing away from the workman, and returning to the left to start a new row.

Dry assembly method:

  1. Position the first element to the upper left with respect to the work surface, making sure that the arrow is pointing up.
  2. Unite the elements in sequence, by horizontal row, proceeding from the left towards the right and from the top downwards (following the direction normally used for writing), as shown graphically on the crown of each unit.
  3. To unite the units in sequence, be careful to perfectly link the “male-female” hooking elements at the base of the support feet 

iglu structure 1