L Plast

L-Plast is used for new constructions to create the slab and foundation beams with a single concrete casting; when restructuring is used to easily create reinforcement curbs for existing foundations.
Furthermore, L-Plast is ideal for creating air ducts in general, such as for cold rooms, for example (if forced ventilation is necessary) or in geothermal applications where air must be blown into the under-floor cavity.
When restructuring, when the existing walls must be reinforced or when an underpinning must be created,L-Plast is a useful work tool that helps creating a new slab or reinforcement base with a single casting.


  • Ease of positioning due to die cutting.
  • Easy to cut to permit the passage of ventilation pipes, sewer and system piping.
  • Quick to install, saving up to 80% of the time required for traditional procedures.


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ISO IGLÙ - For Insulated Slabs

The combined use of Iglù® and Iso Iglù® saves time when working as the number of concrete castings are reduced to only one; the slab that is created also provides continuous insulation. The systems can be positioned in the soffit of the polystyrene panels before casting the slab. The surface can then be machine smoothed to adhere to the pavement. In conclusion, Iglù® with the accessory Iso Iglù® makes it possible to create a slab with a sanitary space and an insulated floor with reduced positioning times. In this case, as the Iso Iglù® panels prevent the filling of the pillars, the slab will be a true slab to be suitably dimensioned and reinforced.

Iso Iglù® is a polystyrene panel with dimensions of 100 x 100 cm. It makes it possible to create a concrete structure with crossed ribbing with surrounding supports (walls and foundations).


PIBI STOP - For Diagonal Beams

It is a casting stop panel for obstructing, as needed, the "side tunnels" of the individual Iglù® and is available for all heights. Given its ease of positioning , PIBIstop is optimal for creating foundation beams without the need to use classical wood shuttering.

pibi stop1pini stop2

In combination with Iglù®, it is ideal for creating diagonal beams. Finally, based on its characteristic of being connected to the individual unit, it is particularly suited for reconstruction where an underpinning must be created where the existing structures are often not squared.

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Beton Up - For Monolithic Slabs

Beton Up is an accessory for the Iglù® system (or Atlantis) that prevents the concrete from forming pillars. In this way, the formworks take on the simple function of scaffolding on which a monolithic reinforced concrete slab can be created that is bound to the surroundings. With Beton Up the slab is not self-supporting.

The use of Beton Up is necessary when a ventilated floor must be created when the ground is excessively deformed or when the clearance must be increased between two supports and form, for example with the combined use of Atlantis, an inspectionable tunnel.