Company Profile

Philip Pace & Sons Ltd. is a dynamic and flexible company, always giving their share in market evolutions. Being highly aware of their clients’ needs they have invested in research, service and education. Due to the local architectural sector being quite conservative, Philip Pace & Sons Ltd. have chosen a 2,000 year old concept that has been adapted to modern times using innovative materials. We design and realise healthy solutions for the elimination of humidity and rising damp. Our system provides ventilation to eliminate heat from roofs, thus reducing the internal temperature by considerable degrees.


With the IGLU` system we started quite impressive cases of humidity elimination in industrial and domestic floors. Our company is investing where it is long term, as we are sponsoring architecture students to conduct research on the IGLU` system and its unlimited advantages. We are promoting a logical, naturally ventilated system that costs comparatively very little and with absolutely no running costs.


Our aim is customer satisfaction and our guarantee is real, proven and well known to our large number of clients. Comfort and energy saving in the building industry go hand in hand and they complement each other. The IGLU` system can be used to create a healthy ambient both in antique and modern buildings. In basements the IGLU` system is giving unmatched results of humidity elimination.