Iglu` Malta


Since 1993, IGLU` has been the innovative modular building unit for creating under-floor cavities and ventilated flooring for civil and industrial building and renovation. The modules are easily fitted together to permit the rapid creation of a platform able to support human weight and on which a layer of concrete can be laid. Speed and simplicity of assembly are the principal characteristics of the system. The cavity thus created is made without the need for elements or materials, using only IGLU` modules and concrete. The cavity makes it possible to install technical links (electricity, telephone, water, heating, waste water etc.) without burying them in the foundations, thereby making them more accessible for easy inspection and repair or for future adaptation to new circumstances. What is more, IGLU` creates a health-giving cavity with an adequate barrier of circulating under-floor air which, if connected to tubing linked to the outside, provides the means for the dispersal of radon gas released from the earth. IGLU` modules are made from a blend of high-strength recycled pvc materials, they are non-toxic and do not deteriorate or lose their characteristics over time.


The U-BOOT unit is a modular element made of re-cycled pvc for use in building lighter structures in reinforced concrete cast at the work-site. The U-BOOT modules give a 21st century answer for the laying of slabs with mushroom pillars with the special characteristic of the mushrooms being part of the thickness of the slab. This new, lighter structure is achieved by enclosing the U-BOOT elements within the concrete cast. This lighter structure is made up of two flat layers, one on top of the other, separated and connected to each other by a grid of beams at right angles. Slabs built with U-BOOT modules can form the structural elements of various building systems, such as double floors, floors, rafts and so on, for both civil and industrial buildings. With its high inertia level, this building system makes it possible to build large-scale constructions with a distinct cost advantage compared to traditional building solutions and in direct competition with prefabricated structures.